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Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts 2014

When it comes to deciding the best wedding gift for a particular couple, there are a few factors that should always come into consideration. Firstly, is this couple missing anything? Secondly, cash or gift? Thirdly, what is my budget? Without knowing these three answers it will be pretty difficult to choose the right gift. There are so many wedding gift ideas out there and there is no single best choice, however you can come pretty close. For most couples, you want to get them something that they will be able to use as they start their new life together. Whether it is a kitchen appliance, something for the bathroom, decorations for the house, or cold hard cash, every couple is different. Some of the most popular wedding registry items include items for the kitchen, power tools or even towels. There is a reason for this. When people are starting their life the best way to help them is by getting them something they would have needed to get anyway, because you save them the trouble and you pay for it. What could be more helpful for a newly wed couple.

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What are the Top 10 Wedding Gifts for 2014?

There are many different gifts that are amongst the most popular when it comes to wedding time. It may be surprising to some to hear that some of the most popular gifts are those that are used around the house. Things like cutlery and cooking ware are consistently the most popular items to give a new couple. Why? Because they actually need this when they first get married and these items are essential to any household. IT can save couples the time of searching for the right cutlery or cookware, and they could end up with a household full of items they actually need. Obviously cold hard cash is always a great idea as a wedding gift because you can always use more cash, but if you want to go ahead and get the couple something form their registry, the top 10 best wedding gifts below should have everything covered.

Everything from this list can be a great gift for a newly wed couple. Even something that may seem irrelevant like games could be great because it allows the couple to relax and enjoy some quality time together when they play these games. Also, an Amazon gift card could be a great idea because it gives them the option of getting whatever they want, and Amazon is filled with thousands and thousands of products that can be useful to any couple.

Why are these the Best Wedding Gifts?

A wedding is a time when two people begin the rest of their lives with one another. There are many different items that they could use when they first get started and that is the purpose of a wedding gift. You could always give some cash if your feeling generous, however if you would like to get them something they will install in their home right away, there are many options. Firstly, perhaps the most popular wedding gift idea is something for the kitchen. Whether it is cookware, cutlery, kitchen appliances, glassware, or anything else that goes in the most used room in any home, you are always safe if you get an important element for the kitchen. If the couple created a gift registry, chances are that the majority of the items asked for are for the kitchen. There is a reason that close to 75% if not more of the top 100 wedding gift registry items are for the kitchen.

Bedding and bath items are also very popular come wedding time because these are also items that are important for any household. Quality bed linen sets can be expensive and are slept on every night, so there is no room to cut corners when getting this item. This is why many couple place bedding and bath items like towels on their registry list, because you can never have enough towels and you can never have enough sheets.

When it comes to appliances, every household needs them, and lots of them. When we say appliances, it doesn’t just mean those for the kitchen. Pretty much every crucial element of a household is an appliance with a different use. Refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuums and ovens are among the most important, so consider getting the couple one of these items for their wedding if your budget is a little higher than average.

Fine art can be a great wedding gift idea because it decorates the home. We live in our homes so anything that makes it pleasant to be there is a plus. There is some form of art in every household because it is nicer than just having plain walls with nothing on them, which is why fine art could be a great and appreciated gift giving idea for the next wedding you attend. Get something that goes with the colors of the house and if you aren’t sure what the house looks like, get something that reflects the couple.

Luggage sets can be great for when the couple travels together and games can be great for when they spend quality time together. That is not something that can be underestimated. Another gift that they are sure to use is as Amazon gift certificate. It is well known that Amazon sells everything under the sun, so at least if you get them an Amazon gift card, you know that they will find something to buy with it!

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What should my Wedding Gift budget be?

When deciding what to get a couple on their wedding day, you should definitely be thinking about what your budget is before you start searching. Depending on if it’s family or not, a corporate friend or just an acquaintance, you may want to adjust your spending limit. For the most part, if they have a gift registry you should be able to find something you can afford and that will be beneficial to the couple. This is the most important time in a couples life so be sure to get them something that they can use as they share their life together. Something else to keep in mind is what did they get you for your wedding (if you are married), and will they be attending your wedding? Generally speaking, if you get them an item from our top 10 list of wedding gift ideas you should be ok.